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Title: A Polynomial Time Constant Approximation For Minimizing Total Weighted Flow-time
Authors: Uriel Feige , Janardhan Kulkarni , Anya Hindmarch purple leather Fox Multi Card Case Enjoy Cheap Price Discount Explore New Styles Cheap Price e9fd74Jac
Subjects: Data Structures and Algorithms (cs.DS)

We consider the classic scheduling problem of minimizing the total weighted flow-time on a single machine (min-WPFT), when preemption is allowed. In this problem, we are given a set of n jobs, each job having a release time r_j , a processing time p_j , and a weight w_j . The flow-time of a job is defined as the amount of time the job spends in the system before it completes; that is, F_j = C_j - r_j , where C_j is the completion time of job. The objective is to minimize the total weighted flow-time of jobs. This NP-hard problem has been studied quite extensively for decades. In a recent breakthrough, Batra, Garg, and Kumar presented a {\em pseudo-polynomial} time algorithm that has an O(1) approximation ratio. The design of a truly polynomial time algorithm, however, remained an open problem. In this paper, we show a transformation from pseudo-polynomial time algorithms to polynomial time algorithms in the context of min-WPFT. Our result combined with the result of Batra, Garg, and Kumar settles the long standing conjecture that there is a polynomial time algorithm with O(1) -approximation for min-WPFT.

Title: Evaluating Creativity in Computational Co-Creative Systems
Authors: Fabiana Filippi cropped skinny trousers Limited Edition UblZeg3L
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Comments: 9 pages, 2 Figures, 1 Table, Accepted in ICCC 2018
Subjects: Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI) ; Human-Computer Interaction (cs.HC)

This paper provides a framework for evaluating creativity in co-creative systems: those that involve computer programs collaborating with human users on creative tasks. We situate co-creative systems within a broader context of computational creativity and explain the unique qualities of these systems. We present four main questions that can guide evaluation in co-creative systems: Who is evaluating the creativity, what is being evaluated, when does evaluation occur and how the evaluation is performed. These questions provide a framework for comparing how existing co-creative systems evaluate creativity, and we apply them to examples of co-creative systems in art, humor, games and robotics. We conclude that existing co-creative systems tend to focus on evaluating the user experience. Adopting evaluation methods from autonomous creative systems may lead to co-creative systems that are self-aware and intentional.

( A ) C57BL/6 mice were inoculated subcutaneously with 2 × 10 5 MC38 cells on day 0. On days 8 and 11, tumor-bearing mice were treated with indicated DOX-containing formulations at DOX (4 mg/kg). For the combination immunotherapy, αPD-1 was injected intraperitoneally at 100 μg per dose on days 9 and 12. On day 18, the percentage of Adpgk-specific CD8 + T cells among PBMCs was measured. Data are represented as box plots (whiskers, 5th to 95th percentile). n = 5 for no treatment and n = 8 for other groups, from a representative experiment from two independent experiments. ( B and C ) The percentage of Adpgk-specific CD8 + T cells among PBMCs (B) and the representative scatterplots (C). ( D ) Individual tumor growth curves of mice treated with indicated formulations. ( E ) The average tumor growth curves of mice treated with indicated formulations. Data represent mean ± SD. n = 8 to 10, from a representative experiment from two independent experiments. ( F and G ) On day 60, sHDL-DOX + αPD-1–treated animals in (E) were re-challenged by subcutaneous or intravenous injection of 2 × 10 5 MC38 cells. For the control groups, naïve C57BL/6 mice were re-challenged with the same number of MC38 cells. Shown are the survival (F) and lung metastasis of MC38 cells (G) on day 26 after re-challenge. Naïve mice were used as control and inoculated with the same number of tumor cells. * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, and **** P < 0.0001 analyzed by one-way ANOVA (B) or two-way ANOVA (D) with Tukey’s multiple comparisons post test or log rank (Mantel-Cox) test (F).

We have also evaluated our strategy in advanced murine tumor models that respond poorly to immune checkpoint blockade. First, we have used an orthotopic colon carcinoma model, where 2 × 10 6 CT26-FL3-Luc cells were injected into the cecum wall, establishing highly aggressive tumors that formed liver metastases within several weeks ( 52 , 53 ). After confirming establishment of tumors on day 8 with an in vivo imaging system (IVIS) ( Clearance Prices Eastbay Cheap Online Bottega Veneta Intrecciato wallet qUeLVB00
), three cycles of dual sHDL-DOX + αPD-1 therapy were administered as described above. By day 20, sHDL-DOX + αPD-1 treatment markedly reduced the bioluminescence signal from whole animals ( P < 0.0001; Fig. 6 , A and B), compared with the αPD-1 group or the free DOX + αPD-1 group that exhibited a similar bioluminescence signal to the nontreated animals. Ex vivo imaging confirmed the drastic decrease of the CT26-FL3-Luc bioluminescence signal from colon after sHDL-DOX + αPD-1 therapy (1740-fold decrease from the αPD-1 group, P < 0.0001, and 1160-fold decrease from the DOX + αPD-1 group, P < 0.05), with nondetectable liver metastasis ( Fig. 6 , C and D). Overall, the sHDL-DOX + αPD-1 dual therapy produced a robust response rate of 88% ( Fig. 6E ), which is in stark contrast to the poor response rates (<13%) observed after αPD-1 monotherapy ( P < 0.001) or free DOX + αPD-1 therapy ( P < 0.01). Last, we have also examined the antitumor efficacy of chemoimmunotherapy in the MCA205 fibrosarcoma model that responds poorly to αPD-1 therapy. In C57BL/6 mice bearing MCA205 tumors, three cycles of sHDL-DOX + αPD-1 therapy significantly inhibited the overall tumor growth ( P < 0.0001) and extended animal survival ( P < 0.01), whereas αPD-1 monotherapy or free DOX + αPD-1 dual therapy yielded no survival benefit (fig. S10). Together, these studies have demonstrated the potency and wide applicability of sHDL-DOX–based chemoimmunotherapy in multiple murine tumor models.

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I am a Creative, conceptual thinker, dynamic passionate writer with over 2+ years of experience in writing high-quality content. https://bit.ly/2IbV05S

Now, augmented reality gets more fame among people because of its advancements and cool features. It encourages people to design and develop the apps based on the requirements. Along with this, you can also lots of tools and platforms to design it according to the augmented reality models in 3D. Of course, it is significant to know that augmented reality app with Vuforia and unity development is a right way to reach your business success soon. Create Augmented Reality Apps using Vuforia with the help of reliable app development companies that suit your AR app development needs properly. In this way, the AR development is simple and follows vital approach for designing it in 3D models. By using the popular developer tools and kits, the business process is simple and could be quite enjoyable for the developers. It allows them to build an AR app using the outstanding apps.

While using the Vuforia kit, it is really easy to work with and have stunning possibilities while build an augmented reality app with Unity. The framework is getting started with tutorials so that users clearly get points for designing augmented reality models. Here, the procedure for making an augmented reality app with Vuforia and Unity are explained clearly.

Starting with Vuforia andUnity

In order to use and design, developing augmented reality app with unity 3d and vuforia, the user must go to the Vuforia Developer platform and must create an account. You must login and go to the develop page for creating special license key and includes a database for creation.

Add a LicenseKey

At first, the user has to earn license key which is a unique ID for processing app development in Unity. In order to create a license key, go to Develop and pick License Manager Tab. Then select Add License key and type in case. You have to type name and confirm the terms and conditions. For this app, SDK is free of charge and review for great development.

Add aDatabase

As the second step, this is vital for the users to create database and image target when creating AR models. For carrying out this task, the user has to go to Develop and hit Target Manager Tab. It continues to make an augmented reality app with Vuforia and Unity.

Select the type and click Create

A new database successfully creates and adds on Target Manager

Finally, add images to the database and images our only AR models

Click MyTargets and then press ADD Target button

Integrating Vuforia withUnity

In order to start working with Unity, it is necessary to download Vuforia SDK. This is the final task for the users who wish to create an AR framework. For doing this work, the user has to go to Downloads and then SDK and select Download for Unity package. It tends to create a new project for Augmented Reality models and see the demo first.

Then go to Vuforia menu and tap Configuration

Copy and paste the license key created previously

Click on Load MyTargets Database and Active in Datasets

AR Camera

This is the time to add and configure a camera tool for AR animation works in Unity project. The tool is named as ARCamera and it is specially preset from Vuforia. It is simply a regular camera but with Vuforia script. By using it, one can make an augmented reality app with Vuforia without any ease.

Go to Assets>Vuforia>Prefabs

Drag ARCamera to scene and assign next coordinates

At the final task, build a project for Android by using Player Settings in Inspector Panel

Then go to File>Build Settings> add current> select Android Platform

Finally, click Build and Run


From the above discussion, this is how you can Tory Burch bohemian embroidered tunic Discount Wide Range Of Big Discount For Sale Discounts Sale Online Buy Cheap Pre Order QVvBmb9
and Unity package. You can download and consider the demo process by using an active webcam to a market and see the animations.

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on June 3, 2009 at 3:36 pm said:

I don't know that it's true to say that a closed-garden Wave would kill it. Sure, it would be easier to integrate if it DOES work with already-existing SMTP/POP email, but I don't think it will die if it doesn't. After all, IM grew out of essentially nothing despite being also completely cut-off from email. And what Google's got is MUCH bigger than IM.

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on June 3, 2009 at 3:35 pm said:

I don't think it does. Sure, it might take a while to work out all of the ways you can maximise the use of it, but getting up and running should be easy. Wave seems to have a low entry level but then also seems to be full of surprises the more you use it. That's great technology.

on Peter Pilotto Woman Tiered Printed Silkorganza Midi Dress Light Green Size 10 Peter Pilotto Clearance New Styles Discount Brand New Unisex Visa Payment Discounts Cheap Online ZmPOAtIsBP

Just to say – if anyone wants to get into GWT and you're not a Java developer, I'd recommend giving "Grails":http://www.grails.org/ a go and using the "GWT plugin for Grails":http://www.grails.org/GWT+Plugin

Grails makes writing the services much easier, although you still have to wrestle with Java for the GWT bit, every bit of help you can get is worth it.

on Isabel Marant Basile beaded ruffle top Free Shipping Shop sD6iDg2T
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on Low Shipping Fee Cheap Online Clearance Best Prices Persol cat eye sunglasses 91L2dfCCA

Not sold on it. More hype and not much more than a yawn.

Italia Independent round shaped sunglasses Best Seller Discount Wholesale Price Outlet Pictures Cheapest Price For Sale Free Shipping Fashion Style 7DV8IHRFV
on September 1, 2009 at 2:49 pm said:

Agree Mike, seen too much vaporware in my time, and jumping to conclusions. “Talk is cheap” – I will wait for the goods to arrive and see it perform under real live uses before piling on accolades of it taking over the Internet.

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