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College of Architecture and Environmental Design

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and analysing one competitor at a time.

We already got an indication of total organic search volume for each competitor fromSimilarWeb, but we’ll want tocheck the figures in Ahrefs.

Clicking on the ‘Organic search’ tab on the Site Explorer ‘Overview’ report for a domain shows us:

Site Explorer > Enter competitor domain > Explore > Overview > Organic search

As with SimilarWeb our traffic figures are estimates and should not be considered 100% accurate, but in the absence of precise data they are sufficient to give us an insight into our competitor’s organic traffic.

Next we want to find out which keywords are currently driving our competitors’ search traffic.

We can do that by runningthe ‘Organic keywords’ report for each domain.

Site Explorer > Enter competitor’s domain > Explore > Organic search > Organic keywords

Above we can see that Visme are currently ranking for 7,243 keywords.

By default the report will be ordered by actual traffic volume (calculated based on their search position).

But we can also order the report by total search volume if we wanted to find some particularly juicy keywords to rank for.

There’s some enticingvolume there, but…


Itcan be tempting to go for keywords with big volume. But a high KD score means it will be tough to rank without building a lot of links.

Our enhanced Keywords Explorer tool provides an estimate of the number of backlinks required to rank for a keyword.

For example, ‘ infographic maker ’, which has a KD score of 93, will require backlinks from 1,033 domains to rank in the top 10 positions.

If you’ve got your link building down, then go for it. Otherwise, it might be worth targeting keywords with a lower difficulty score to begin with.


That being said, there are many other factors which influence rankings beside backlinks (on-page SEO , content depth etc) so we recommend further analysis of the search result/competition before selecting a keyword to target. We do have plans to include other factors in our difficulty calculations in the future — so watch this space!

There is one more important thing you should pay attention to while analyzing your rival’s organic traffic.

SERP features your competitor ranks for.

The number of SERP features Google provides in search results is constantly growing. Featured snippets alone, for example, are shown for 12% of search queries, as per our recent Theory chemisier dress Cheap Sale Big Sale Cheap Pick A Best Sale Pick A Best Discount Sneakernews Footlocker e3WrtPrS4n
. And they get almost 10% of clicks from the results on the first page.

Can you afford to neglect this?

Organic keywords” report can show you what SERP features your competitor occupies, ranking for a specific keyword.

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East coaster with a secret SF love affair. I enjoy juxtaposing things. Also: Cheese and tiny dachshunds.

Tips and tricks for posting photos and images onMedium

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with words here at Medium — but that’s not the end of the story. As many photographers on Medium have shown, pictures can help bring words to life or tell a story all on their own.

Whether you’re looking to use images as a highlight or the foundation of your story, this primer is our official guide to making sure the visuals of your story look great every time. We’ll start with the basics and move our way to more advanced features. This will be a living guide that we’ll edit and update as we launch new photo features, so don’t forget to save it to your bookmarks on Medium.

Adding animage

The first step to creating beautiful visuals in your Medium story is easy: You need to get the image into your draft. If you’re writing on Medium from a web browser, you can hit the + button to the left of your cursor to find the camera icon, then copy and paste the image from your computer or the internet directly into your draft. You can also drag and drop an image file from your desktop or from a folder. If you want to place an image from our mobile apps on iOS and Android, hit the “image” button above your keyboard to bring up your camera roll, then select your picture to be dropped into your story.

Image grids

Sometimes, you want to feature a set of images or photos together. On desktop and in our mobile apps, you can create image grids to display multiple images. You choose the photos and order, and we’ll optimize the formatting and layout on every platform to make the gallery look beautiful.

Once the images are in your Medium story, you can click and drag to reposition any image until things look just right.

To create an image grid on web, select multiple image files in the order you’d like them displayed during the upload process (using the CMD or CTRL button) or drag images already placed in your draft on top of one another.

On our iOS editor, select multiple images in the order you want them displayed after clicking the image icon. Medium will then decide how many images should be in each row and organize the thumbnails to look awesome together.

Embedded images

While Medium uploads images you drop into your story for you, if you prefer, you can also easily embed an image directly from another site (like Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, or Dribbble). We’ve provided a full list of support services from which you can embed images.

To embed an image into your story, click the toolbar to the left of your cursor and select the third option to embed an image. From there, you can paste the URL of the image you want to embed in your story. Medium will do the rest. (You can also use one of my personal favorite shortcuts: Paste the link into your story and hit enter to embed.)

Header and featuredimages

Let’s dig into some of the more advanced stuff . A visual aid, paired with your title, is a helpful tool to draw a reader’s eye and entice them in for more.

Preview images generate automatically if your header image is the first item in your story — but you can make any image in your post the featured image by clicking on your image of choice and pressing (here’s a list of all our keyboard shortcuts , in case you were interested). The border will turn red to denote it is now the featured image, and we’ll use it as a thumbnail when we showcase your post.

Image layouts preferred imagesizes

Medium scales any image to look good in the context of your story, but there are preferred image widths for each of our layouts. Using these ensures your image will remain crisp and render exactly as you intended.

While we recommend the highest resolution image possible for all widths, these are our recommended minimums for each layout possible on Medium. For left-aligned images, square and landscape-sized images often look best with wrapped text.

Image Captions

Even the most powerful image can sometimes be made stronger with a couple extra words.

To create a caption for an image, click your image so that its border turns green. Below the image you will see “Type caption for image (optional)” appear in light grey text. Click on this text to type your own caption — Medium will take care of centering the text.

I Consent

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by Allison Schiff //


Canned audiences are as stale as cigarette smoke in an old casino.

That’s why MGM Resorts International is looking for alternatives to what Kelly Smith, MGM’s SVP and chief digital officer, calls “black-box syndicated segments.”

In its quest for custom audience activation, MGM is kicking the tires on a new self-serve data marketplace offering from mobile data platform PushSpring, which came out of beta on Wednesday.

“Our business is as much about hospitality, entertainment, food and beverage and being a retailer as it is about gaming,” Smith said. “In fact, most of our revenue doesn’t come from gaming. And so we’re looking for wine-loving frequent travelers who’re into luxury goods –and it’s not easy to get that at scale.”

The PushSpring marketplace is like an ecommerce hub for data buying.

PushSpring aggregates deterministic, unmodeled data from numerous sources, including its own SDK and data that comes through partnerships with providers, such as V12 Data, Sprint subsidiary Pinsight Media and Ericsson-owned Placecast, and serves it through a searchable console.

Any cookie data PushSpring gets from third-party providers is cross-matched with deterministic identifiers, usually a mobile ad ID, through LiveRamp’s IdentityLink service. Although matching against a probabilistic graph would yield more scale, PushSpring opted to sacrifice volume for accuracy, said Karl Stillner, CEO and co-founder of PushSpring.

Buyers can browse for data sets by data type or run keyword searches such as “big-box retailer visitors” or “fashionistas with a profile on Polyvore.” Buyers can also see data recommendations based on previously searched data sets and related audiences.

Each segment comes with information on where the data was sourced, the methodology used to collect it and direct links to the data provider’s privacy policy.

Agencies and advertisers can’t usually see the ingredients of a data set they’re buying, said Tim Woitkun, VP of digital strategy and marketing at Havas.

“Off-the-shelf audiences are often a mystery and building a custom audience in real time at scale has been a challenge,” Woitkun said.

The marketplace also allows buyers to combine multiple data sets and create custom segments they can purchase for a transparent, fixed price. Buyers activate through their DSP of choice; PushSpring is integrated with most of the biggies, including inMobi, DataXu, The Trade Desk and Adform.

The goal is to make media buying as easy and frictionless as possible, said PushSpring’s Stillner.

“We’re trying to democratize data access,” he said, “not turn media planners and buyers into data scientists.”

Ease of use is a top priority for an enormous company like MGM, which at 77,000 is the largest employer in Nevada.

“Our size makes it key to have organizational alignment across different marketing functions related to audiences, data, analytics and programmatic activation,” Smith said. “And most of the people who work in our marketing department didn’t come from a digital background, so they need tools that are intuitive to use and don’t require a lot of explanation.”

Better insight into what data is being used also enables advertisers to have a “more fruitful” relationship with their agency partners, Smith said.

“In digital, it’s increasingly important to be more involved in your outsourced relationships,” he said. “You can’t just throw things over the wall and have them fall into a black box. Knowing what’s going on is a requirement for digital transformation.”

Agencies feel the same way.

“[Self service] allows us more control and provides confidence to know that we can quickly create a meaningful audience per our objectives,” Woitkun said. “We have dedicated people who are hands on keyboards day in and day out within our agency, and that team continues to grow year over year.”

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